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Careers Ryerson
UX/UI Designer


The objective of this assignment was to select a poorly designed website and entirely recreate its design and functionality. My team and I selected the Ryerson Careers website ( Our goal was to design both mobile and desktop versions of the website, to make the Ryerson career portal more accessible and to create a streamlined experience for students, staff, and faculty.

Original Design

The original and current design of the Ryerson Careers website lacks creativity, a theme, and a smooth user flow. By observing popular job search websites such as Indeed and LinkedIn, we created a new design that incorporated the existing Ryerson website, and added in features that are found on a typical job search site.

old website.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 9.12.02 PM.png

Desktop Wireframes


Desktop Prototype

We based our design on the current Ryerson University website (

Visit this link to test the prototype:

Page 1 desktop no hambuger.png
Page 2 desktop.png
Page 3 desktop.png

Mobile Prototype

Page 2 mobile 2.png
Page 2 mobile 1.png
Page 3 mobile.jpg