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DIYnamic Creations

DIYnamic Creations
UX/UI Designer

DIYnamic Creations is a second year GBDA project. The objective of this assignment was to create an idea for a mobile app and website, curate a design, and test its functionality.

A similar idea to Pinterest, DIYnamic Creations is a crafting app that allows the user to input the items they already own into the app, in which then the app produces all of the possible outcomes of what can be made from those items. This app is comprised of do-it-yourself activities, featuring three main categories CRAFT, BEAUTY, and FASHION. It is targeted to individuals who enjoy hands-on projects while looking to cut down on costs. Our idea was to take the frustration out of searching for beauty tips, fashion looks, or craft ideas, as the ideas come to you. Users must create an account in order to post their own ideas, comment on already existing posts, and follow other users.

“We wanted to create an app that allows people to get inspired and share their own talents.”

My role as the user-interface designer was to come up with the initial design for the mobile app and website. Once the wireframes were completed, we held a user-testing stage within our group to make sure that the different pages in our app made sense when put together and that the app flow was streamlined.


After our brainstorming stage, our first step was wireframing the app and the websites. The wireframes for the website were created using MyBalsamiq, and the wireframes for the mobile app were created using Prototyper.


Once the wireframes and user-testing stage were completed, we selected a colour scheme and design elements. We selected a grey background with pops of rainbow colour to highlight the different elements and pages of the app. 

Demo Video

This demo video shows the app's functionality, design, and flow. The purpose of this video was to act as an ad to highlight the various features of the app. This was created using Prototyper, Quicktime, and Final Cut Pro X.