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Final Year Design Project - Business Plan
Marketing Strategist

For this cycle, we designed and completed a business plan to describe how we would develop and market a product to our target audience in the year 2054.The objectives of this cycle were to create a comprehensive understanding of the problem area, being the precogs (from the movie Minority Report), facilitate and foster healthy psychological and social development through seamless augmented reality, and build the precogs’ confidence through continual validation and develop their ability to interact with others, enabling them to integrate into society. Our vision was to design a device to help retired precogs discover their interests through a personalized and adaptive educational system.

Our device, which we called Aura, uses interactive simulations and continual feedback to ultimately facilitate a precog’s societal progress within society. The Aura device is a sleek wearable device, which sits on the ear and projects an interface in front of the user. Aura works to improve the emotional quotient of the user by reading their emotions and responses and reacting accordingly. Aura will help the user develop effective communication skills, recognize body language and verbal cues, understanding interpersonal dynamics, and pursue an in-depth exploration of their place in society.

My main role for this cycle was to act as the Marketing Strategist. As the Marketing Strategist, I was responsible for analyzing market trends and executing the marketing plan for Aura. While writing the marketing plan, my job was to think of and present my group with an overall marketing strategy, our competitive advantage, pricing, sales tactics, service and warranty policies, advertising and promotion, and distribution. In addition, I was also the product designer for the team.

The different stages of this cycle included the Brainstorming Stage, Initial Prototype, User-Testing Stage, and the final Prototype Design.

Brainstorming Stage

Initial Prototype

User-Testing Stage

Final Prototype Design